Neubau Estonian National Museum in Tartu

The museum presents itself to the approaching human being as a landmark building beyond its pure visibility. the building emerges like a rock in the landscape and converts to a spot of crystallization and gathering of a cultural landscape in which leisure, recreation and knowledge accumulates. The building itself provides point of views into the landscape and symbolizes the converting point into the future.

The landmark changes continuously to the observing passing-by through a bright light signal absorbing the energy of the sky.
The image for the standing-by observer is different: It is a dreamy, blurry sometimes clear image that displays us the future and the past. Shortly before interception, one notices the steel envelope that protects and maintains the museum.

Both the unbreakable fa├žade and the cool material mirror the estnish mid-summer night and the fusion of dusk and dawn. The exterior skin acts as multiplicator of our very own feelings. It blurriness pretends of revealing anything directly. It only points out premonitions from us and our environment. The hull opens at diverse instances and allows views and admittance.

In its interior, the visitor experiences a world of various axes and spatial relationships. The lobby created as space in the center reveals the visitor all opportunities and possibilities. Here, the individual is capable of wander around temporary exhibitions. Next to it, a mighty staircase points out the space reserved for the national history of the people in Estland. Raising your view to the very top of the building, one discovers the hallways to the archives.


BGF: 29.000 m2